ASEA - The World's First Redox Signaling Supplement

What is ASEA? In short, ASEA is the world's first and only Redox Signaling supplement. Unfortunately, with the term "Redox Signaling" not having been previously marketed within natural health nor medical channels; this above statement alone carries little weight. However, the words "worlds's first and only" should peak your curiosity enough to read a little further. In truth, in order for you to completely understand what Redox Signaling is, and what ASEA does... might require you to quit your day-job and become a full time research scientist. However unlikely this may be, it is very likely that many things you invest in you have done with little true scientific understanding. After all, do you really know gasoline makes your car go? Do you have the slightest clue how cellular waves are transformed into sound via your mobile phone? Do you even really know how your TV works and how waves are transformed from a dish into a picture? For most people, the answer to all three of these questions is "No"... regardless of that fact, most of us can still spit out some technical jargon to make it sound like we understand the basic principles.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage you from digging into the science of ASEA and Redox Signaling molecules. In fact, I believe the more you learn; the more you will want to know. In addition, I believe the deeper you dig; the more you learn the limitations of your own current knowledge base. I know I certainly have...

In summary, this is no quick sales pitch like you may have come accustomed to from so many other nutritional products. This is the real deal. Science is behind it, patents protect it, the ingredients have been confirmed, the product has been tested for toxicity, and submitted to various labs to validate no stimulant, opiate, or other dangerous-illegal compounds are present. If you care about your health and are passionate about the future of your health; you owe it to yourself to do the research and then try ASEA for yourself.

Quick Draw ASEA Product Overview
This animated quick-draw video is an overview of both the discovery and science behind every bottle of ASEA. This is a fun introduction designed to spark your deeper interest without getting too serious. This is probably the best place to begin your journey towards a greater understanding of ASEA and Redox Signaling. If you would prefer a more serious approach, the video directly below is more for you. Approx. running time 7:38

ASEA Product Video
Prior to the animated video above; ASEA produced this ten minute video to both introduce the discovery and breakthrough science behind every bottle of ASEA. Although not as "fun", and a little longer; it is hard to say which video gives the better overview of the product to truly capture a persons interest. Our recommendation, Watch Them Both! Approx running time: 10:46

ASEA - Research and Breakthrough Science

Assuming you have already watched one of the ASEA Product Videos from above, you may be thinking that this sounds great in theory; but does any research actually back this product and the statements of this company up? The answer to these questions are, Yes. Not only have the Redox Signaling Molecules been verified to be present, but stable. Further, ASEA has sent their product off to be tested for various toxic and/or illegal agents and for toxic responses from human cells; demonstrating the safety and commitment to safety from ASEA. Of course, you could have a product that is absolutely safe; but without real double-blind, placebo controlled studies... it is easy for the critics and yourself to simply believe any results attributed to ASEA could be nothing more than a placebo from an overly-hyped bottle of salt water. Rest assure, ASEA has subjected their product to a rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study.

Even better, this double-blind study wasn't funded by ASEA, nor was any member of ASEA including their own scientific advisory board a part of the study. Instead, the study was conducted by the Appalachian State University's Human Performance Laboratory under the direction of Dr. David Nieman. This study, recently conducted in February of 2012 is bringing a lot of attention to the ASEA product from the sports performance industry; but this study is certainly to be the tip of the iceberg of what will be discovered in the months and years to come. The fact is, the researchers saw shifts in 42 out of 110 metabolites that were monitored in well-trained endurance athletes. What they found was that ASEA not only exhibited positive benefits during strenuous exercise; as amazing are that the researchers noticed 'chronic' shifts as well. Chronic meaning that the changes were happening outside of the physiological demands of exercise.

In summary, a product made of just salt and water (although transformed through a highly patented electro-chemical process), has shown dramatic changes to one's metabolism; both during exercise and while in a resting state.

ASEA Frontiers: Metabolites
In this video, Dr. Nieman and others involved in the Metabolomics study discuss their methods and prelimanary results. Appox. running time 14:29

ASEA Frontiers: Convention 2012
Dr. Nieman presents the findings of the Human Performance Laboratory's Metabolomics research on ASEA in Miami, Florida, July 2012. This is a much deeper look into the study; specifically the results. Approx running time: 13:46

ASEA - The Company & Founders

Often overlooked in the business world; but equally important to any great product is a great leadership team; and ASEA has one of the best. In fact, thanks to Verdis Norton and James Pack, ASEA is not sitting on some shelf of patents still waiting to be discovered.

Originally, what came to eventually become ASEA was a research product from Medical Discoveries, Inc - Pharmaceutical (MDI-P). After having "retired" from General Foods; Verdis Norton took a position on the board of directors for (MDI-P). Despite being on the brink of a groundbreaking product; financially MDI-P was struggling. Eventually, they were merged with an energy company and various assets were sold to raise money. One of those assets was the preliminary work and patents into what ASEA has become today.

With the help of new friend James Pack, the two seasoned business professionals went on to acquire the research product from MDI-P. Shortly after, they put together a team of scientist headed by Dr. Gary L. Samuelson who went on to stabilize the product creating a viable product for consumer distribution. Prior to solving the stabilization issue; the product could only be produced on-site and would remain potent for only a matter of minutes; stabilization was the breakthrough that changed everything. ASEA was now ready for sale or distribution.

For me, it is at this point in the history of ASEA that I believe is even more significant than solving the stabilization dilemma. That is, the decision to not sell off the technology to a pharmaceutical company. Yes, the co-founders had considered an exit strategy in which their investment would have been paid back immediately; and had this been the case, who knows if the product would have ever been made available to the public. It was this decision to move forward with distribution that has truly made all the difference.

ASEA is real, and it is here, and it is available to you... because James Pack and Verdis Norton cared enough to make that happen.

ASEA - The Founders
Meet the co-founders of ASEA, Verdis Norton -CEO and James Pack -President. Approx. running time: 4:44

ASEA - The Genesis
Although the company of ASEA did not begin the ground-breaking research that ultimately became the procuct of today; In contrary, they finished the product through the stabilization of Redox Signaling Molecules; something previously thought impossible. Approx. running time 21:08

ASEA - The Business Opportunity

Now that you are aware of the revolutionary product called ASEA and the strong leadership team behind it; let's go a little deeper and discuss why ASEA is equally as great of a business opportunity as it is an opportunity to regain or unlock your true health potential. Unlike many nutritional supplements marketed within the health and wellness industry. ASEA is one that is born out of pure science and highly patented. So while other companies attempt to differentiate their products based on a special extraction process, or as being "wild harvested" from the rain forest, or even on the merits of their research; ASEA on the other hand, was born differentiated.

ASEA is a unique product that is highly patented. ASEA is the first and only company to develop the technology to produce stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules. So while other companies can "claim" their product has the highest ORAC value or the purest ingredients, No other company can share in ASEA's claims.

Being unique is great, but ASEA has chosen not to just market empty claims; rather to back their presumptions with rock-solid double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Further, the product has been submitted for toxicology and banned substances; showing no known toxic effect and containing no banned substances. Not to mention, quality control of every batch to ensure a minimum count of redox signaling molecules.

In summary, ASEA is not just another Network Marketing Company further contributing to the already saturated existing niches. Instead, It is a unique, highly patented product who's leadership team has already set the stage for worldwide distribution in only two years time.

What will ASEA accomplish in the next two years... and will you be a part of it?

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Quick Draw Business opportunity
This animated quick-draw video is an overview of the ASEA business opportunity. Learn why ASEA meets the standards for a great opportunity and why ASEA is different from the rest. Approx. running time: 6:47

ASEA Business
Real ASEA Independant Distrubotors sharing their thoughts on the opportunity ASEA presents. Approx. running time: 2:00