Dive 1.3 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber Features

Note: - Although we do our best to keep our site up to date, pleaese be aware that changes to components and other features are subject to change as the manufacturers are always striving to improve the products and service they offer to the public. Be sure to ask an Associate about any new updates or modifications to the equipment you are interested in renting, purchasing, or leasing.

Buckles - we have selected one of the most secure buckles on the market to ensure your safety and comfort. These metal buckles are designed for strength, safety and ease of use.

Bolsters - why carry around unnecessary bulky bolsters when you can use the Hyperbaric Dive with its inflatable bolsters that are an integrated part of the chamber? These bolsters are used to inflate with the same compressor and hose to inflate the chamber. The bolsters can be quickly deflated for easy storage or transport

Compressor - Ultra quiet motors provide patented sound suppression permiting a restful and relaxing treatment. These highly compact motors are designed for continuous operation providing you with a long lasting solution to your hyperbaric pressurization needs. These motors are small and compact making for easy transport. In addition they bost a post filtration capability of .003 microns and a pre filtration filter to protect the inner components.

  • Shallow Dive: Single HP 80 LPM compressor @ 6 psig output pressure:
    • Approx. 36 DB
  • Military Dive: Single HP 80 LPM compressor @ 6 psig output pressure
    • Approx. 36 DB
  • Dive: HP 160, Dual HP 80's in serial arrangement. Provides 80 LPM @ 12 psig output pressure
    • Approx. 39 DB
  • American Dive: HP 160, Dual HP 80's in serial arrangement. Provides 80 LPM @ 12 psig output pressure
    • Approx. 39 DB
  • Grand Dive: HP 240, Dual HP 120's in serial arrangement. Provides 120 LPM @ 14 psig outpput pressure
  • Vertical Grand Dive: Dual HP 80's in parallel arrangement. Provides 160 LPM @ 6 psig output pressure

Frame -Light weight, highly durable plastic frame to prevent exposure to metal and toxic materials. Easily assembled and disassembled so that your chamber can travel with you wherever you go. The American Dive features a durable yet, collapsable external frame as can be seen in our pictures and videos

Gauge - An industry leading gauge providing highly accurate readings of your pressure to ensure safe operation. This gauge is so sensitive it can measure down to the individual millibars which are a fraction of 1 PSI.

Mattress - Custom fit contoured mattress with top layer memory foam for added comfort.

PVC Coated Nylon - the chamber is made out of a highly translucent white material that provides for a bright ambiance inside. You can easily read or do any other work within the chamber by using the normal room lighting

Calibrated Pressure Relief Valves - These valves come pre-calibrated from the factory. They are designed to open in response to the building pressure inside of the chamber. As the pressure increases inside of the chamber, the tension of the valve is overcome and air is able to flow freely through the valve. Calibrated to open and maintain pressure at 4.3 psig above atomspheric pressure. Each chamber is equiped with more than one valve for increased air flow and as a redundant safety feature.

Windows - All chambers excepting the American Dive offer a triple layer window design: one firm acrylic layer sandwiched between two vinyl layers to ensure a long lasting permanent seal. The American Dive features a thicker acrylic window held in place via a powder coated steal frame.

Dual Zipper System - An internal air tight zipper securely seals the air pressure inside the chamber without the need of massaging or manipulating a seal. The force applied to the air tight inner zipper is transfered to a heavier guage outer zipper and material to ensure the integrity of the chamber is maintained.