The DIVE 1.3 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber by SUMMIT TO SEA

French Dive 1.3 ata portable hyperbaric chamber
Mild Hyperbaric Chamber Specifications:
  • Operational Pressure: 4.3 PSI or 1.3 ATA
  • Diameter: 28"
  • Length: 7'
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • 1 Inflation Valve
  • 1 Pressure Dump Valve
  • 2 Auxiliary Valves
  • 3 Calibrated Pressure Relief Valves
  • 1 Manual Pressure Relief Valve
  • 1 External Guage
  • 3 Viewing Windows
  • 2 Inflatable Bolsters
  • Dual Zipper
  • HP 160 Serial 80 LPM Air Compressor System
  • Medical Grade Connection Hose
  • Internal Mattress
  • Carrying Case
  • Internal Frame
  • Inline Air Cooler for Air Compressor
  • Wireless Remote Switch
**Note: Used chambers may not come with all items above

For a complete description of the above items, please view the Hyperbaric Chamber Features Page

Key Points:
  1. Comfortable for a Single Adult
  2. Room to move and stretch
  3. Crane System Accessible
  4. Easy to operate without assistance
French Dive 4 psi mild hyperbaric chamber


Most mild hyperbaric chamber comes standard with one-year warranty covering materials and workmanship. In addition to this standard one-year warranty included with each unit, extended warranty programs are offered that can extend the service and labor on your portable hyperbaric chamber a number of years. That's right, should something ever happen to your mild hyperbaric chamber, you can be covered under an extended warranty for years into the future.

Set Up/Service:

Be sure to ask an associate about assistance with Setup and ongoing Service and Support! Note: Service and Support are different from the warranty and/or extended warranties offered via the manufactuer. Service and Supprt are first and second tier systems, manufacturer warranty on the other hand, is a third tier system. Most concerns regarding your portable hyperbaric chamber can be easily resolved via proper setup and troubleshooting. Further, replacement parts such as guages and valves can be done onsite and do not require sending in a mild hyperbaric chamber for repair.

Money Back Guarantee:

Be sure to ask an associate how a manufacturer sponsored Money Back Guarantee can help you shop with confidence. Note: shipping charges and restocking fees may apply; so be sure to get the details before you buy, not after!

Other Considerations

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Comfort, Accessibility, and Clinical Considerations
The Dive is suitable for a single adult only. It is big enough to accommodate hyperbaric treatment for an adult and a single child; however, considerable sacrifice in comfort and mobility will likely be made. Most adults are unable to sit up in this size hyperbaric chamber; however, one can prop up their shoulders and neck to utilize a hand-held DVD player or device such as an iPod. Using a laptop to type and work is not practical within this unit and one should reserve shuch activitiesfor bigger units such as the Grand Dive and Vertical Grand Dive mild hyperbaric chambers. For most adults, complete hip flexion is possible within a 28” hyperbaric chamber. What is meant by full hip flexion is the ability to bring your knee towards your chest. In smaller chambers such as the Shallow Dive hyperbaric chamber, the diameter of the chamber limits most persons from accomplishing such a task. For individuals such as myself at 6’ 3”, this extra mobility is of considerable comfort and convenience over the 23” diameter Shallow Dive. Further, this increased diameter allows the shoulders to lye flat when lying on one’s back. Individuals who have wide shoulders will suffer from their shoulders being pushed towards their chest in the smaller 23” Shallow Dive.
The Dive portable hyperbaric chamber can be used with a hoyer lift (crane system) to accommodate disabled persons for mild hyperbaric therapy. However, this hyperbaric chamber has a smaller zipper opening than the Grand Dive and is not well suited to accommodating larger patients. In order to accomplish the use of a hoyer lift, the Dive must be placed on a platform allowing the legs of the lift to swing under the chamber. For more able bodied individuals, the common method of entry and exit from the chamber will be crawling from one’s hands and knees into the chamber. A padded exercise mat placed may be placed next to the chamber to help facilitate this when the chamber is located on a hard surface.
Unassisted Treatment
The 28” diameter Dive is very suitable to operate without assistance from another person; assuming a certain degree of flexibility in taller persons who would choose such usage. As the Dive is 28” in diameter, most persons not capable of sitting up in the hyperbaric chamber; therefore, a person must reach towards his or her ankles to fasten the furthest buckle in addition to reaching the starting point of the zipper before beginning a hyperbaric treatment session. Of course, the larger the patient and the smaller the mild hyperbaric chamber, the more difficult this process becomes. That said, once again I am 6’ 3” tall and I can operate both the 28” Dive and the the 23” Shallow Dive hyperbaric chambers without the need for assistance from another individual . Note: Trick for Unassisted Operation; when using smaller portable hyperbaric chambers without assistance, we recommend staging the zipper at the location of the first strap and buckeling this first strap prior to entering the chamber. In this manner, one does not need to reach as far to secure the zippers and fasten the remaining buckles from inside the chamber. Of course, this provides a smaller opening by which the person crawls into the chamber; however with a little practice, this process requires little thought or concern. Special Note: If you are a parent considering unassisted hyperbarics sessions with a young child accompanying you; please consider the reduced space you will have when securing the buckles and zippers. Although it may be accomplished, the added difficulty may lead to poor adherence to a specific treatment protocol recommended by your doctor.
Clinical Considerations
The 28" x 7' portable hyperbaric chamber models including the Dive, American Dive, and Military Dive are only recommended as an in-home rental option for patients and are not recommended for those considering usage within a clinic. The smaller chamber size limits the treatment of patients requiring a guardian and prevents couples who would prefer to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy together from enjoying such luxury (keep in mind that wellness and anti-aging are fast growing markets for hyperbaric oxygen therapy). Even though this chamber is less expensive than the larger 40” x 10’ Grand Dive, consider the lost revenue from the above populations. Over time, the Grand Dive (our primary recommendation for most clinics) will likely be a far superior investment as a primary hyperbaric chamber for clinical usage.