In-Home Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Rental

Interested in Renting a Mild Portable Hyperbaric Chamber?

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Note: Availability is subject to supply and demand. Below are the most frequently available models. Contact an Associate for more details on pricing, availability, terms & requirements.

Shallow Dive by Summit to Sea shallow dive 23 x 7 portable hyperbaric chamber

The Dive by Summit to Sea dive 1.3 ata mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber Grand Dive by Summit to Sea Grand Dive personal hyperbaric chamber

Why Rent a Portable Mild Hyperbaric Chamber...

We find there are three primary reasons people such as yourself are interested in renting a hyperbaric chamber: Cost, Convenience, & Trial

Cost: Office visits at hyperbaric clinics typically range from $50-100 for a single mild hyperbaric treatment and the average patient typically undergoes somewhere between 40-80 sessions. That means, the in-office expense to undergo this therapy ranges between $2000-$8000. When renting a mild portable hyperbaric chamber, the common protocol is two sessions per day, five days per week. This means that one can undergo 40 sessions in a thirty day rental period. Therefore, If the cheapest center around is charging anything over $50 per session, it is less expensive to rent a unit than to undergo office visits.

Convenience: Not only do you get to undergo the therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you cut down on drive time to and from the clinic. You also avoid the hassle of setting appointments and working around someone else’s schedule.

Trial Period: You’re not even sure the therapy is going to work. You may be interested in purchasing your own mild portable hyperbaric chamber, but aren't ready to just buy that "car" yet. Let's face it, this is a serious purchase. It's even more serious if you don't have a clue as to what types of benefits you will receive; and its all about the benefits. Yes, a brand new hyperbaric chamber will look nice in your living room; but if it doesn't produce results... Then that is one expensive piece of furniture. Hence, rent BEFORE you buy! 50% of Rental Fees Applied Towards Purchase!